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I Find Myself in You

Latvian Title: Es kļūstu tu Director: Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane Genre: Fiction, Drama, Comedie Country: Latvia Estimated Run time: 28 min Producers: Gunda Bergmane, Daiga Livčāne, NATIONAL FILM SCHOOL OF THE LATVIAN ACADEMY OF CULTURE Premiere: 2020 Stage of production: Accomplished A couple that does not fit into society’s accepted norms regarding women and men. Routine problems of everyday life that tend to take on immeasurable amplitudes push the film’s leads into a most intimate confinement, one in which thoughts and the answers to problems lead to dreams. Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture with a bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Art (specialization – film directing). She works as an editing director at VFS Films. As a part of her studies, she has produced the short films I am ambiguous (Esmu divdomīgs, 2018) and Tu es tout (2017), as well as the documentary short film Anything perfect (Ideāls jebkas, 2017).
Swan Maiden

Original title: Gulbja jaunava Director, writer, animator: Kārlis Vītols Genre: Animation Country: Latvia Estimated run time: 15 min Producer: Līga Gaisa, AIR PRODUCTION Premiere: 2020 Stage of Production: Post-production A movie about a woman who chooses to be a loving mother and wife. Sometimes it comes with a heavy price and she must fight everyday life to keep love alive. Kārlis Vītols dares to reflect on the current issues and social processes in his works, trying to narrow the gap between everyday life and “unworldly art”. He believes that popular culture and mankind’s mythical worldview deserve constant attention. Being a full-blooded member of society, the artist is engaged in recognising mythological characters and their transformation.
Snow Shelter

Original title: Sniego pastoge Director: Robertas Nevecka Genre: Animation Country: Lithuania Estimated Run time: 16 min Producer: Giedrė Burukaite, MENO AVILYS Premiere: 2019 Stage of production: Post-production Freezing winter in war-devastated nowaday city. Several years passed after destruction, the city slowly rebuilds. The short story follows a man who pursues better living in this reviving society. Robertas Nevecka is a self-taught animator. He has worked with a number of local and international animation projects (for brands such as MTV, Warner Music, Lionsgate, Deviantart, etc.). Recently finished his debut animated short film Snow Shelter. Currently he is working on a VR experience.

Original title: Commission Director: Ieva Balode Genre: Fiction Country: Latvia Estimated Run time: 6 min Producer: Ieva Balode, LATVIAN CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART Premiere: 2019 Stage of production: Accomplished Some unknown point of time in Georgia. A book by a mythical author is being delivered to three powerful women. Its content is hidden within another book – The Knight in the Panther’s Skin written by the Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli and dedicated to the 12th century Queen Tamar. Ieva Balode is an artist and film curator working with analog image. She takes part in international exhibitions and festivals presenting her work in installation, cinema and performance. As a curator, she is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab – artists collective providing a space and platform for analog film production, research and education. Director of experimental film festival Process.

English/ Original title: Matilda Director: Ignas Meilūnas Genre: Animation Country: Lithuania Estimated Run time: 12 min Producers: Marija Razgutė, Ignas Meilūnas / M-FILMS Premiere: 2020 Stage of production: Post-production A girl wants to be the smartest girl in the world. When all the things she had learned could no longer fit in one head, her mother bought her a backup one. Two heads are better than one, right? But which head should she wear at what time? Shortly the second one is lost... Ignas Meilūnas worked as 3D and stop-motion animator for films, games and tv adds. His debut short animation/fiction film Woods (Miškas, 2015) won Lithuanian Film Academy award for best animated film of the year 2015. Since then, he works in films as freelance animation director or animator.