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SHORT RIGA International Competition

Whether it’s animation, fiction, documentary, or experimental film, SHORT RIGA seeks auteur cinema and distinct expression in short format film. The festival’s curators select 35 of the most interesting submissions from around the world.


We welcome short films with a running time of up to 30 minutes and the completion date no earlier than January 1, 2018 (for Latvian productions, a completion date that is no earlier than January 1, 2019). We especially encourage Baltic filmmakers and artists to apply – both professionals and students – as we believe that our region’s films look great in an international milieu!


The award – Silver Grass-snake (a silver pin featuring the Latvian symbol for a grass-snake) – is presented to the film that elicits the liveliest discussions and generates the greatest passion about the very fabric of cinema. The winner is also awarded a monetary prize of EUR 1000.


The call for submissions opens on March 19, 2019 and closes on June 7, 2019. The results will be announced by September 1, 2019.