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Doubles vies
Director: Olivier Assayas
FR 2018108' fr

Alain, a successful Parisian publisher struggling to adapt to the digital revolution, has major doubts about the new manuscript of Léonard, one of his long-time authors – another work of autofiction recycling his love affair with a minor celebrity. Selena, Alain’s wife, a famous stage actress, is of the opposite opinion.

As stated by director, the digitalization of our world and its reconfiguration into algorithms is the modern vector of a change that confuses and overwhelms us. Digital economy infringes rules and often laws. Moreover, it questions what seemed solid and granted in society. Yet, it dissolves on mere contact. This film does not attempt to analyze workings of the new economy, but rather to observe how those questions shake us, personally, emotionally, and sometimes humorously.

The film was selected for the Official Competition at the 75th Venice International Film Festival.

Curator's point of view: This film has been described as très français. The right choice for connoisseurs of cinema and culture of the Old Europe.