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Searching Eva

Searching Eva
Director: Pia Hellenthal
DE 201985' de, en, it

Eva, 25, drifter, Berliner, poet, lesbian, housewife, addict, feminist and model, declared privacy an outdated concept at the age of 14. This is a tale of a young woman growing up in the age of the internet, turning the search for oneself into a public spectacle, challenging you on what a woman should be. For Eva, identity is like fashion – she can change it as she pleases.

The film dives into Eva's life over the course of three years, following her like flipping through her Instagram profile. In her blog – where she showcases the most private parts of her life –  reality and fiction seem to be inseparable. The film floats between artificial staging and documentary observation, combining her online publishings with everyday scenes.

Curator's point of view: Surprising in its candour, Eva is a perfect mirror of the Instagram society. It is alarming to look into it but impossible to turn away.

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers