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RIGA IFF Announces Online Film Club for Children

It is possible to see and understand more than the surface narrative of any film, social media video, or television news story. In order to “decipher” these images, you need to train certain skills that can make watching films more interesting and your consumption of internet videos and news broadcasts more attuned. The Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) will offer teachers and 9-15 year olds the opportunity to learn these media literacy skills through free video lessons that will be accompanied by a selection of children’s and young adult films from Norway, in collaboration with The Norwegian Federation of Film Societies (NFK). Filmmakers, scriptwriters, costume designers, and others film professionals will talk about their role in filmmaking and how the work they do influences the film that ultimately reaches the viewer.

Video lessons
Selection of films
Cycle of ten lessons

The cycle will consist of ten short videos that deliberately resemble the style of social media videos to make the content familiar and understandable to its target audience. By learning the basics of visual storytelling, children and young adults will be able to apply these skills to other content they consume every day, and not just to films.

Online platform

The video lessons will be posted on the RIGA IFF Film Club platform on the festival website and will be available free of charge to all students and teachers in Latvia. In addition to these videos, users will also be able to access a films specially selected by curators from RIGA IFF and NFK that highlight the themes covered in the lessons and download worksheets to help the students consolidate what they have learned and teachers to incorporate RIGA IFF Film Club activities into their lesson planning. The RIGA IFF Film Club will be up and running from January 2023.


The RIGA IFF Film Club will offer:
— 10 video lessons on various filmmaking processes and what role they play in films and other audiovisual materials,
— 10 Norwegian films made for children and young adults,
— Worksheets.


Supported by

In collaboration with

The RIGA IFF Film Club (Project No EEZ/2021/1/10) is supported by EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 programme “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation. The eligible costs of the project are 220 957,50 EUR. Funds granted by EEA Financial Mechanism 2014 – 2021 programme “Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Cultural Cooperation are:
— EEA Financial Mechanism co funding is 85% or 187 813,88 EUR;
— Latvian state budget funding is 15% or 33 143,62 EUR.

Project implementation period is: 17/01/2022 – 16/07/2023. Working together for an inclusive Europe! Read more on eezgrants.lv and norwaygrants.lv.