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Nowhere Special

Nowhere Special
Directed by: Uberto Pasolini
IT/RO/GB 202096' en

A young man raises his four-year-old son alone. The father will soon have to leave, but until then he has to gather strong building blocks for life with which his child will have to support himself. Finding a new home for the boy is not all that easy. The closer the moment of separation, the greater his doubts – how can he evaluate strangers in one short meeting? How can he protect his loved one? He will have to make the most important decision in their lives.

A film about the importance of childhood and the value of families. Although the drama of the situation is distressing, the melodrama and sentimental notes are so muted that the viewer enters a room full of light and hope, where the unimportant no longer has any opportunity to overshadow the really important.

Foreword by the programme curator: Pasolini continues to study the subtle structure of sorrow and talks about the eternal in the mundane.