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Co-production Case Studies and Funding Sources

Informative presentations will introduce different examples of co-production in animation, and three case studies will be analysed. Among them – Villa Antropoff, an Estonian and Latvian co-production by Kaspar Jancis and Vladimir Leschov, Winter in the Rainforest by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, joining her – Olga Bulygo, the sound editor of this animated short; and last but not least – Janno Põldma and Vilnis Kalnaellis presenting their latest Lotte and the Lost Dragons. The meet-up will be looking at the financial, production and creative aspects of collaboration. Film support institutions will inform about fundraising options for cases of co-production in the Baltics. Representatives of the National Film Centre of Latvia – Dita Rietuma, Estonian Film institute – Peeps Pedmason, Lithuanian Film Center – Audrius Kuprevičius will take part in the discussion.

The event will be concluded with a Q&A session.

Working language: English

Open event

Winter in the Rainforest

Original title: Talv vihmametsas Director/author: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg Sound editor: Olga BULYGO Genre: Animation, experimental Country: Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico Run time: 8'35'' Producer: Moon Birds Studios OÜ (EST), Nukufilm Studio (EST), Estudio Carabás (Mexico), Art Shot (LT) Premiere: 2019 Shot in the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Peru, this film captures the eternal dance of life and death as experienced by fragile and resilient magical creatures of porcelain. The combination of natural light, fast flowing time and subtle stop motion animation creates a unique poetic reality.
Villa Antropoff

Director/author: Kaspars Jancis, Vladimir Leschiov Genre: Animation Country: Latvia, Estonia Estimated run time: 13 min Producer: Kalev Tamm - Eesti Joonisilm, Vladimir Leschiov - Lunohod Premiere: 2012 Once upon a time, there lived a man who had nothing besides himself. And a dream, a great big dream. But an immense and dangerous sheet of water spread out between him and his dream. The man set out. He arrived at his destination due to his courage and tenacity. But was that what he had been searching for?
Lotte and the Lost Dragons

Original title: LOTTE JA KADUNUD LOHED Director/author: Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits, Andrus Kivirähk Genre: Animation Country: Estonia, Latvia Run time: 78' Producer: Kalev Tamm - Eesti Joonisfilm (EST), Vilnis Kalnaellis - Rija Films (LV) Premiere: 2019 Two scientists are taking part in a big folk song collecting competition. Whoever succeeds in recording the folk song of the world’s oldest animal species, the mythical fire-breathing dragon, wins the grand prize. The Gadgetville’s girl dog Lotte and her little sister Roosi decide to help the scientists.