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Paris, 13th District

Les Olympiades
Directed by: Jacques Audiard
FR 2021105' fr

Modern-day Paris. Émilie lives in one of the apartment buildings in a neighbourhood of looming housing blocks. She works in telecommunications, lives in her grandmother’s apartment and enjoys a more idle and whimsical life than her mother and more successful sister. She meets Camille, a teacher who is looking for a place to live. Camille becomes interested in Émilie, and also in Nora, who has just resumed her studies at the Sorbonne, leaving real estate behind. When Nora gets mistaken for a cam girl at a party, she gradually gets to know her double, platinum blonde Amber. Their existence, whims and dreams slowly settle into a love square.

Three girls and one boy in a southern neighbourhood of Paris redefine contemporary relationships. This is what Jules and Jim (1962) might have looked like if Truffaut had filmed it in the multicultural 13th arrondissement. French director, forever genre-hopping Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, 2009 and Dheepan 2015), proves his youthful energy with this rhythmical urban drama, which was selected for the main competition at Cannes. Through multiple, abrupt black-and-white short stories that are moving in a pulpy way and connected through web identities, Audiard reveals the intimate worlds of a few “neighbours”, understanding the parameters of fleeting relationships. Director and screenwriter Céline Sciamma (Portrait of a Lady on Fire, 2019) was a co-writer helping adapt the three stories from the graphic novel series Killing and Dying by American author Adrian Tomine that the film is based on.

26 November, 19:00
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