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The Estonian box-office hit – family film “The Little Comrade” – at the KIDS WEEKEND

The children’s film programme of the Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) – KIDS WEEKEND – will present the highly successful first full-length feature of Estonian director Moonika Siimets – The Little Comrade. It will be screened on October 20 at the cinema Splendid Palace and the tickets are on pre-sale already. Additionally, every holder of a ticket receives a 10% discount at the publishing house’s Liels un Mazs store.

The film is made within the framework of the programme dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and its screenplay is based on two autobiographical novels written by Leelo Tungal – Velvet and Sawdust and Comrade Kid and Grown-Ups that is published in Latvian as well by the publishing house Liels un Mazs. The Estonia’s beloved author will be the guest of RIGA IFF – she will attend the Latvian premiere of the film and meet with the audience.

This story tells about 1950s in the Soviet Estonia when the Stalinist terror machine worked at full steam. The 6-year-old Leelo’s mother is arrested in front of her eyes. “If you’re a good kid, I’ll be back soon,” are her mother’s last words as she is taken away at gunpoint. So Leelo tries to do her best, yet the promise doesn’t come true… The confusion only grows, as “good” and “bad” no longer seem to hold any meaning in these troubled times.

The unusual take on the harsh period of occupation gathered 100 000 spectators within a month since its release in Estonia. Gundars Godiņš, the translator of the book Comrade Kid and Grown-Ups, says: “The history in the eyes of a kid is true, without any lies and ideological fabrications.”

The KIDS WEEKEND will run for two days – on October 20 and 21. This programme will comprise feature-length adventure films from Norway, Serbia and Estonia, an animated detective story from Sweden, and the Animated Short Film Selection made by guest curator Inese Zandere. Before and after the chosen screening, everyone will be welcome to spend fun time at the play zone arranged in collaboration with the interior salon Hemma.