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Director: Konrad Królikowski
PL 201757 min. 0 sec.
The first feature-length, broad and multifaceted production devoted to housing construction in Poland from 1956 until today. It is, inter alia, a combination of interviews with architects - who designed famous complexes of blocks of flats [in Polish referred to as “bloki”] in Poland – people living in them, architecture critics, and historians.  Yet, the film is not only about architecture. For decades “bloki” were viewed differently by consecutive generations of Poles; first as a symbol of desire then as a place you want to escape from. In the film they are presented as witnesses and signs of huge transformations experienced by the country after the war. 
DOP: Konrad Królikowski, Remigiusz Pilawka
Original language: plSubtitles: enTranslation in headphones: lv