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Director: Jens Assur
SE 2017107 min. 0 sec.
1970s, Sweden - Hard working farmer Agne struggles with the harsh reality of his daily life, hoping his teenage son Klas will take over the farm and continue his legacy. Klas however, dreams of a world far away from this rural existence. This powerful coming of age story paints a tangled web of shame, guilt, madness and the dreams of youth The writer-director Jens Assur is a world-renowned photographer and filmmaker, who’s award-winning shorts have been acclaimed in film festivals like Cannes, Tribeca and many more. About this film he states: ““Ravens” is about how we shape each other, about what we expect – directly and indirectly. It is about generational shifts and the dream of being able to shape our own lives.”
DOP: Jonas Alarik
Original language: svSubtitles: enTranslation in headphones: lv