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Missing Girls

Director: Vadim Vitovtsev
RU, IN, US 201866 min. 0 sec.
The documentary looks into the fate of the girls trapped in sexual slavery. The film unfolds in India, a country that occupies an unhappy first place among countries with the highest volumes of human trafficking. Several prostitutes who became heroines of this film are living in the Red Light district of Mumbai – some time ago they were sold to this district by their own parents. The other plot line of the documentary is the story of a little girl living in one of Northern India’s poorest villages. In a couple of years she too can follow the Mumbai ladies’ path. 
DOP: Aleksander Menshov, Vasily Ivashentsev, Pavel Shetochenko, Akup N. Nair
Original language: hi, enSubtitles: enTranslation in headphones: lv