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2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey
Director: Stanley Kubrick
GB, US 1968149' en, ru

A black monolith with an ability to advance species is found in prehistoric times. Millions of years later, a monolith identical to the one encountered by the ape-men is found under the surface of the Moon. This lunar artifact sends a radio signal, and humans call it 'Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One'. Soon a spacecraft is bound for Jupiter. HAL 9000, the ship's computer with a human personality, reports the imminent failure of an antenna control device. As no failure is found, the astronauts agree to disconnect Hal. Even though it takes sacrifices, the captain of the spacecraft reaches Jupiter, spots another monolith orbiting the planet, and enters StarGate...

Stanley Kubrick leaves the ending open to interpretation. The role of dialogues is for the most part granted to the music in this iconic masterpiece. The film won an Oscar for best visual effects and was nominated for three other Academy Awards, as well as received three British Academy Film Awards.

In the screening: Introduction by Viktors Freibergs