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Animus Animalis (A story about people, animals and things)

Animus Animalis (istorija apie žmones, žvėris ir daiktus)
Director: Aistė Žegulytė
LT 201869' lt

A taxidermist, a deer farmer and a zoology museum worker live in the surroundings where the line between reality and artificiality has almost become imperceptible. While the dead beasts compete for the most vivid posture and the most real look in their eyes, the human keeps trying to stop time and bring back life to things in which life has long been absent.

In the current era of re-creation and re-design, taxidermy as a craft reflects one of the major social conflicts. Can we restore and re-create everything? Can we bring life back to something that is dead? The conflict between humans and nature, humanity and animality. The stuffed animals become the metaphor of human perception of nature, other human beings or even themselves.

Curator's point of view: The film gives everyone a chance to step into a documentary filmmaker’s shoes – wait, and the moment will come!

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers