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Charismatic Megafauna

Charismatic Megafauna
Directors: Jesper Kurlandsky, Fredrik Wenzel
SE 201970' no dialogues

A globe spanning odyssey, steeped in the tempo of the contemplative traditions. Through the eye of the free-floating witness, we observe life at work and leisure, in play and through hardships, from the shanty towns of Cape Town, to the Waura Tribe by the Xangu river, through the mist of the Atlas Mountains to the coloured night skies of Beijing.

At a time when we are exposed to an overwhelming stream of images all day long, this film with no dialogue creates a space for reflection about humanity as the dominant force on the planet Earth. The work is intended as a liberating and sensory experience, based on thorough research and scientific studies of life in hypermodernity. Original score by the acclaimed Swedish composer Anders Hillborg.

Curator's point of view: He has a unique style in cinema, he works more as a cameraman than a director, therefore Wenzel’s directorial pieces also speak through images not with words or the story.