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Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

Kapten Morten lollide laeval
Directors: Kaspar Jancis, Henry Nicholson, Riho Unt
EE, IE, BE, GB 201879' et

One fine day a boy named Morten is magically shrunk to the size of a bug and needs to sail his toy boat through a flooded café. He notices that the ship’s insect crew looks uncannily like his mean aunt and the people she orders around. Morten has to reassess his relationships, save the crew from shipwreck and take control over his life. Sometimes it takes shrinking in order to grow up.

The first ever stop-motion animated feature film produced in Ireland was developed at Tallinn-based Nukufilm – the oldest and largest stop‑motion studio in Northern Europe. Best Animated Feature award at the Schlingel festival for children and young people (Germany) and a nomination for Best Animation Film at National Film Awards UK.

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