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Choir. Conductor. Kamēr…

Koris. Diriģents. Kamēr…
Director: Emīls Alps
LV 201985' lv

A documentary about the famous youth choir’s Kamēr…  journey to the Tolosa Choral Competition, at which the grand prize had to be won to qualify for the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing. Created by a member of the choir, the film offers unprecedented insight into the singers’ passion for music, loyalty among friends, and the overcoming of difficulties. 

The director has been able to capture moments that no one else would ever have access to. Kamēr... has achieved its special sound by elaborating its own signature performance style. Both full emotional surrender, as well as the strictest criteria for vocal quality, are of equal importance. 

Aivis Greters had just taken on the position of chief conductor and artistic director of the world-renowned choir in 2018, and this year the choir Kamēr… has, for the third time in its history, triumphed at the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing.

In the screening: Premiere