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Nova Lituania

Nova Lituania
Director: Karolis Kaupinis
LT 201997' lt

Year 1938. While the young Lithuanian state celebrates twenty years of independence, the situation in Europe is becoming increasingly tense, and a new war looms on the horizon. Geographer Feliksas Gruodis comes up with a novel solution to the situation: he proposes creating a backup Lithuania overseas, a place where the country’s inhabitants could move in case of danger. All he needs is support for his idea from the political elite.

Using a restrained cinematographic style, the director is trying to make a historic allegory that mirrors current impotence in front of (non?) coming political threats.Two lonely men dream about the all-saving solution even if both know nothing‘s going to work at the end.

Curator's point of view: Visually refined neo-retro. Its seemingly classic form allows you to give your full attention to the actors' performances and character psychology.

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers