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Director: Joon-ho Bong
KR 2019131' ko

Ki-taek's family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them.The son Ki-woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job, spawning hopes of a regular income. Carrying the expectations of all his family, Ki-woo heads to the Park family home for an interview. Arriving at the house of Mr. Park, the owner of a global IT firm, Ki-woo meets Yeon-kyo, the beautiful young lady of the house. But following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

This film resists categorization and doesn't fit into any established genre. It is a mix of black humor, social commentary, satire, and suspense – all the characteristic tools of Bong Joon Ho in his trademark questioning of the state of today's society. ‘Parasite’ unanimously won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival.

Curator's point of view: You can watch this film both as an exciting story about a family of masterful impostors and a sad tale of worlds that would have never met if not for a fateful coincidence.