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Dogs Don't Wear Pants

Koirat Eivät Käytä Housuja
Director: J-P Valkeapää
FI, LV 2019105' fi

Breaking out of the emotional numbness that has overwhelmed Juha after his wife drowned, trapped in a fishing net, is liberating and dangerous at the same time. He accidentally stumbles into an environment where his ever-growing addiction to suffocation, a relief from the throes of his suffering, is satisfied by dominatrix Mona. In the neon-lit dungeons the respected heart surgeon is just a dog...

The sweet pain of being – in love, loss, perversion and dignity. The visually impressive story provokes both gales of laughter and reflections on the mysterious ways of overcoming the blows of life. The Finnish director is familiar with the depths of darkness that the main character (Pekka Strang, ‘Tom of Finland’) has to escape, having himself battled depression for more than ten years.

Curator's point of view: To find light in darkness, solace – in pain. Finland is a land of contrasts, Valkeapääs – an expert on the darkest facets of human soul.

In the screening: Nordic Highlights openiong, meeting with filmmakers