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Directed by: Maria Sødahl
NO/SE 2019125' no/sv

A creative couple raising their three children and three from a previous relationship are preparing for Christmas. It must be one to remember, because the children’s mother has received a horrifying diagnosis. The next step is to make it three in one – a birthday party, a New Year’s Eve celebration, and a 20-year-delayed marriage ceremony. She smiles at that: ‘I will only have to be remembered once a year, and with fireworks!’ Everything is held together by a thin thread of hope and the ability to put right what has been neglected – through pain, regret and despair.

‘This is my story as I remember it,’ states the director of the autobiographical film. Turning 11 days of her life into a cinematic story, she invites the viewer to evaluate the choices made and exposes the destructive forces of self-sufficiency in relationships. As true love means accepting interdependence; everything else seems destructive and meaningless. All of the health professionals in the film are real.

Foreword by the programme curator: Cinema as therapy or therapy as cinema – does the sequence matter? Experience, and hope that should be passed on.