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The Garden

Directed by: Ragnar Bragason
IS 2020115' is

On the terrace of a Reykjavík apartment building there’s a picturesque garden surrounding a laburnum tree. The owner has created her cozy world here with a bevy of plants and knickknacks, her own ‘throne’ in the centre, supplemented by annual trips to the Andalusian coast and her unwillingness to cut the emotional umbilical cord to her 39-year-old son. Suddenly, as in a coordinated attack, the foreign neighbours pound on the piano, the Ministry of Environment makes a dramatic decision, her son puts an end to her long-term welfare fraud, and he even gets himself a Polish girlfriend.

A black, sharp yet sincere comedy based on Bragason’s own play in which he removes, one after the other, mosaic pieces from an old bureau with countless drawers… Even up to the most stuck drawer of all – xenophobia is commonly condemned, not studied, however, what if this trait is not rooted in irrational fears or arrogant evil, but in your very creation – and it’s what is holding you together as a person?

Foreword by the programme curator: Can a comedy be too black? In the shade of a golden chain tree, it’s hard to tell if it’s a family celebration or war.