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DAU. Natasha

DAU. Natasha
Directed by: Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, Jekaterina Oertel
DE/UA/GB/RU 2020139' ru/uk/en

Running a canteen at a secret Soviet research institute, Natasha veils her private sorrows with a waspish attitude and heartfelt toasts to love. Those who come are preoccupied with non-linear notions of the world, while her only concern is to feed them. If a glass is empty, it must be filled – with wine, champagne, or cognac. A wild night between the sheets with a French scientist is followed by an offer from the KGB that is as unrefusable and cruel as the times.

DAU, a multimedia project dedicated to Nobel laureate Lev Landau, was a fictional historical reconstruction in a sealed territory filled with ghosts of the past. This internationally unique and scandalous art experiment is a field ripe for the study of slavish and subhuman mentalities created within totalitarian regimes. Cinematographer Jürgen Jürges, who has worked with R. W. Fassbinder, Michael Haneke, and Wim Wenders, imparts the film with superior artistic quality. Natasha is the first feature film to emerge from the project.

Foreword by the programme curator: A fragment of an unusually ambitious film project – a shocking bookmark of the totalitarian experience.