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Directed by: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen
NO 201993' no/en

‘It’s so easy, easy, easy when you’ve been saved, saved, saved. Praise the Lord in heaven!’ But for Mirjam it’s hard. The world around her is covered with a permanent layer of make-up – ecstatic speeches, spotlights, smoke machines, sparkles and fringe… She is the world champion in disco dancing and the pride of her parent’s evangelical movement. But the devil ‘continuously plants demons in you’, so Mirjam decides to strengthen her faith in a more conservative congregation.

This is not a caricature but an observation that provokes public debate. Syversen’s screenplay is based on a study of Norway’s charismatic churches. When asked if she believes in God, Mirjam answers that she has to believe – even when her mother hides the truth about the past, when at home her stepfather loses the glory of a preacher, when harmful homoerotic demons are expelled from a relative, and when her body betrays her while dancing. How can one get on the narrow path to God without collapsing or getting lost?

Foreword by the programme curator: Faith and fanaticism, a saviour and an abuser – the ability of a young mind to make a clear distinction is debatable.