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The Twentieth Century

The Twentieth Century
Directed by: Matthew Rankin
CA 201990' en/fr

Obsessions and confusion at the dawn of an extreme age, as documented by a young politician in his diary. William Lyon Mackenzie King has been chosen by fate, as well as groomed by his clairvoyant and migraine-suffering mummy, to become Prime Minister of Canada – for the good of Charlotte, lying in the hospital for defective children and exhausted by tuberculosis, and for defective Canadians everywhere. Success is as ‘sure as a winter day in springtime’! But he must beat the other candidates in a series of tests: ribbon cutting, urinating their signatures, butter churning, baby seal clubbing… Hopefully, his cactus that ejaculates into the corner of the room will not be the cause of his downfall, not to mention the torment of love, accompanied by harp music.

A grand comedy in terms of theatrical buildup and virtuosity of language, and clearly inspired by Guy Maddin, Monty Python, Victorian anti-masturbation propaganda, and reflections on the formation of a nation.

Foreword by the programme curator: The century is not over. One of its initial versions is political theatre with little potential and big ideas.

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