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In Deep Sleep

Gorod Usnul
Directed by: Maria Ignatenko
RU 202071' ru

An aggravated murder has been committed on a Russian fishing trawler. The perpetrator is a young man torn from another death. Victor is surrounded by a gloomy gray world with gloomy gray waters and gloomy gray people. He finds himself in a both soothing and frightening silence – only the breath of those deeply asleep can be heard. Is anyone awake? The monochrome winter scenery, the vivid flashbacks, the stillness of the moment and the sleeping city are all shards of a shattered landscape, which ultimately recombine and coalesce into a frozen, icy mass.

The film is about an enormous, incomprehensible loss. When you lose someone you love, you feel as if the world ceases to exist. As if it falls asleep. The protagonist feels empty inside, but his personal tragedy stirs the dark side of his personality and turns him into a criminal. The dreamlike space created by the director is complemented by the music of Vladislav Nastavshev with lyrics of Federico Garcia Lorca.

Foreword by the programme curator: An industrial variation on the enchanted princess. Instead of sleep, she is overcome by boundless, numbing apathy.