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Directed by: Tomas Vengris
LT/LV/DE/GL 201996' lt

Viktorija managed to reach the faraway world that she had once only imagined from the shores of the Baltic Sea. After her dreams end in a broken marriage, together with her teenage son she returns to a newly independent Lithuania where she hopes to reclaim the house that belonged to her parents who died in exile in Siberia. Viktorija’s former lover volunteers to help her settle things, but everything looks and turns out differently than she had nostalgically imagined it would be.

The main theme in this debut feature-length film by director and screenwriter Tomas Vengris is the search for one’s identity – to which Vengris is no stranger himself having grown up in an immigrant Lithuanian family in the US. Severija Janušauskaitė – Lithuanian stage and film actress, singer, composer, costumer designer, fashion model and well-known for her role on the German TV neo-noir detective series Babylon Berlin – plays the female lead.