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Directed by: Ágnes Kocsis
HU/RO 2020153'

Éva has spent the last seven years living in an apartment with steel-grey walls that protect her from air pollution, harmful chemical substances, electromagnetic fields emitted by devices, and radio waves; to deal with the isolation and loneliness, she makes figures and jewellery from wire and listens to the music coming from her neighbours. Her only human contact is with her caring brother and the doctors who are trying to find the cause of her seizures, hypersensitivity and anxiety. Also suffering from a lack of intimacy is the psychiatrist who enters Éva’s life and whose bond with her is becoming ever stronger.

A visually nuanced and strikingly prophetic story about alienation and the mortal threats of today’s world. Director Ágnes Kocsis co-wrote the film with screenwriter and director Ivo Briedis from Latvia and Gábor Németh and Andrea Roberti from Hungary. Daan Stuyven, musician, singer and founder of the Belgian band ‘Daan’, plays the psychiatrist.