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What Silent Gerda Knows

Ko zina klusā Gerda
Directed by: Yevgeny Pashkevich
LV 202091' lv/en/lt/ru

Closing day of the season in the boarding house at the Vietinghoff Palace in the province of Latvia. Here the material world and atmosphere of the 1930s are reconstructed as fully as possible. According to the rules of the institution, guests must abandon all their means of digital communications. And this is what they are looking for: to disappear, at least for a while, and become inaccessible to the outside world. The lingering summer heat drags the guests into an insane frenzy where surrealistic and grotesque situations build up an ambiguous comedy.

Director states that many things that we do not express in words or deeds manifest in our fantasies; and paradoxically enough they reflect our true self more vividly than the daily routine. “Fantasy is Nature’s gift able to embellish the dullness of existence. It is filled with Romance, Drama, Pause and Grotesque. The world of fantasy is dual and beyond the grasp of the mind. However it governs our life at a greater extent than we can imagine.”

Foreword by the programme curator: A dream outside of time. As in a game of chess played by sleepwalkers, each piece has its own cryptic trajectory.