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Kubrick by Kubrick

Kubrick par Kubrick
Directed by: Grégory Monro
FR/PL 202073' en/fr

A man admired by many, he lives in the countryside with his wife Christiane, three daughters, dogs and cats. He spends his time working, playing chess and reading, avoids giving interviews, and thinks about the dual nature of man, in which altruism and cooperation coexist with xenophobia and aggression. According to him, many 20th century failures in art have been determined by an absolute obsession with originality – ‘innovation means moving it forward, but not abandoning classic form’. Having made 13 feature films, one of the greatest and most controversial filmmakers dies in his sleep in early spring.

The documentary is shaped by Stanley Kubrick’s (1928–1999) reflections on the connection between the conscious and the unconscious, art, filmmaking, and humanity – as preserved in audio recordings of his conversations with French film historian Michel Ciment. Archival footage of actors who have experienced working with the director has also been used.

Foreword by the programme curator: A rare opportunity to hear Kubrick and see what he has always disdained – explaining his films.