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The Cloud in Her Room

Ta fang jian li de yun
Directed by: Zheng Lu Xinyuan
HK/CN 2020101' zh/en

‘As the red leaves fall to a long sleep under the dust, beginnings and ends always remain the same, as you drift afar beyond the clouds…’ One damp winter a young woman returns to her hometown after a long absence to celebrate Chinese New Year. She grew up in a block of flats, the family flat now abandoned and soon to be rented out. However, this place is still the axis around which everything else aligns – her intimate relationships, the new lives of her divorced parents, reproach (both expressed and not), evenings at the bar and on the streets, new acquaintances, conversations, wistful songs, memories, the flick of lighters, and ubiquitous cigarette smoke. She is looking for a sense of belonging in these strange surroundings which she once called home.

An unusually textured film – a visual diary in which the past and present mingle with imagination and urban dreams. A melancholic message about the director’s generation, growing up, and loneliness, based on personal experience.

Foreword by the programme curator: A black and white serenade for a city, sung in a karaoke bar.