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I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die
Directed by: Eva Marie Rødbro
DK 201976' en

A young mother-of-two is living below the poverty line and sharing a house with ten others in suburban Colorado Springs. Resilient and emotionally sensitive, she is nonetheless continually tested by the realities of her daily life; mounting debts, a troubling partner and the expectations of motherhood. Tight family clan of children born by children born by children… A delicate collage of domesticity far from bliss, but imbued with love – harsh and dreamy story of a girl and her longing heart.

This story lacks a classic narrative. The director was aiming to make a picture that doesn’t try to look like a real film, to meet and celebrate a life not having to look like an ordinary life. In her opinion, stories like that don’t exist anyway. The film consists of little pieces of emotion and information that we constantly try to orchestrate. Sometimes we are the ghosts that soar through us all and see everything.

Foreword by the programme curator: A master class for growing up in a family where no one notices you.