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Directed by: Ignas Jonynas
LT/LV 2019120' lt/uk

Ten years have been lived in forced isolation – one man spent them in a hut in the Carpathian mountains with his uncle, working with taxidermy, furs and antlers, while the other spent them in prison for a crime that unites the two young men. A world permeated by manipulations awaits tearful stories with happy endings and promises of false hopes, but the choreography of the dance of life is not a TV show – it is knit and unraveled by the forces of an invisible, indescribable truth. And the last act of a tragic love triangle is yet to come…

This time, the creative duo of director Ignas Jonynas and his friend, professor of philosophy and writer Kristupas Sabolius, has created a film of neo-noir aesthetics that talks about the inner workings of man. Their 2013 debut, The Gambler (co-produced with Latvia), shook both audiences and juries at film festivals, and was also Lithuania’s submission for the 2015 Oscars. The original music for Invisible is by Toms Auniņš; also heard in the film is Lullaby, composed by Auniņš and Vladislav Nastavshev for the Federico García Lorca play Blood Wedding, which plays one of the key roles in understanding this intense drama.