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Before the Frost

Før frosten
Directed by: Michael Noer
DK 2018104' da/sv

Denmark, 1850. The old freeholder Jens is in despair. His strength is draining, the harvest is soaked in autumn rains, there’s barely enough food to feed the small family, and worst of all – in church he is asked to move to a pew further from the altar. If the neighbour boy married Jens’ daughter Signe, the winter would be easier for both families to pass. Except in that case, his dead sister’s sons would have to go away – quite possibly to the poorhouse. To save all his dearest ones, Jens makes a secret deal with a wealthy widower from Sweden.

The main role in this powerful drama is played by veteran Danish actor Jesper Christensen. When you are honoured in the whole parish, wear a hat instead of a shabby cap, and your only daughter no longer goes hungry while caring for cows but instead wears a fancy dress while playing Chopin preludes on the piano, your heavy heart is unexpectedly relieved from the knowledge that what you have gained has been worth the unthinkable sacrifice.

Foreword by the programme curator: The bloodline of Northern European history – the landowners and the landless. What is the value of life here?

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