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Mein Ende. Dein Anfang
Directed by: Mariko Minoguchi
DE 2019111' de

They were destined to be together. Likewise, Aron, fascinated by physics and quantum theory, was ordained to die, leaving Nora alone. Soon she – a figure skater turned grocery store cashier – begins to question everything: if their meeting and being with one another was destiny, then is this the end or the beginning of something? Nevertheless, his ideas of temporal symmetry now infiltrate her daily life. Then she meets luckless Natan, whom she seems to know already. Aron’s words come true: my end is your beginning …

Minoguchi’s debut work is a prudently ambitious transfer of the principles of quantum and relativity physics into cinematography, ingeniously using the genre of melodrama. Much like Schrödinger’s cat experiment, Nora’s lover is both alive and dead. Highly regarded by film critics, this visually crafted melodrama offers a philosophical commentary on relationships – the past relentlessly returns to the future as everything becomes one and the same.

Foreword by the programme curator: Relationships as seen through quantum mechanics. It’s either/or until everything happens and everything becomes one.