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Fat Front

Fat Front
Directed by: Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
DK 201987' da/no/sv/en

‘World! Can you hear me? I am fat!’ – is a message from four young women tired of spending years hating and shaming themselves. They want to free others from avoiding the word ‘fat’ as well – simply because it’s a fact. One of them feels like a beautiful artwork collecting dust in a basement because no one bothers to look at it; another zealously posts provocative nude photos of herself. They all are accused of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, but are increasingly gaining followers on social networks who appreciate the mutual support and also long for the public’s change in attitude.

A factual insight behind the scenes of the body positivity movement, full of both humour and sad reflection, in which activists from Nordic countries inspire women’s uprising against generally accepted body standards and the accompanying public pressure. The film’s Danish directors have joined the feminist struggle, advocating for natural bodies as a value from both an artistic and political point of view.

Foreword by the programme curator: Social networks and a global arena – it’s the end of 90-60-90! A documentary collage of rebellion that should be heard.