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Rare Beasts

Rare Beasts
Directed by: Billie Piper
GB 201987' en

He actually hates them – women these days have got more testosterone coursing through their veins than blood. She tries to keep up with today’s standards and to hide her personal dramas behind a fake smile and nihilistic mannerisms. Even despair must be healed in a progressive way, for example, with ‘emotional freedom techniques’ – muttering positive affirmations and accessing your body’s energy by physically tapping your ‘meridian points’. When practically everyone is taking on too much and expecting too much from others, the possibility of a beautiful love story evaporates into quaintness. The widely promoted goal of achieving recognition and self-sufficiency ensnares one into a lonely impasse where, for the unhardened, life becomes an instrument of torture.

A challenging comedy containing countless shades of black. Billie Piper, the film’s director, screenwriter and protagonist, wanted to ruthlessly expose via a texture of the surreal the forces that can shatter a woman in this period of history – a time unprecedented in terms of ample liberalism and opportunity.

Foreword by the programme curator: A dizzying cocktail of the small joys in life, everyday despair, incense, and cocaine.