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Directed by: Daniel Joseph Borgman
DK 201992' da

There is a forest on Denmark’s peninsula, where a couple – overwhelmed with fear, despair and helplessness – once settled. In the claustrophobic paradise they have created, their daughter grows like a hermit. Sheltered from the outside world the family survives on what they can find in nature. Here, even the smallest things have a soul and a deep meaning. Everything goes in the course of a ghostly fairy tale, until the 13-year-old girl’s curiosity grows, her grandmother makes a surprise visit, and nettle tea with raspberry leaves no longer helps. 

A disturbing drama based on Ane Riel’s international bestseller. The director hails from New Zealand but has been living and working in Denmark since 2007. His film is about how we look at misfits and people who are different. And it’s about generational change that turns into a nightmare and fruitless confrontation if there is no mutual openness and listening.

Foreword by the programme curator: Eco-horror is the new reality of a socially liberated world.