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The Book of Vision

The Book of Vision
Directed by: Carlo S. Hintermann
IT/GB/BE 202095' en

A young doctor turns to the medical history of the 18th century – she wants to understand when and why doctors stopped listening to patients. She herself has become a patient whose intuition does not match her given prognosis. At one time, doctors did not even have to touch people because they believed that it is the soul that affects the body. What if death is only a veil of smoke that can be lifted to be with the loved ones again? What if no one really dies, and they are just reaching towards a new vision?

Screenwriter and director Carlo S. Hintermann is also a musician, composer and film critic. He has always been tempted by the opportunity to travel through time: ‘I wanted to explore the space between the sensations of awe I had while watching 80s fantasy movies and the delicious unease I felt when viewing the uncanny elements of Kubrick and Cronenberg’s films.’ The executive producer of the film is renowned American director Terrence Malick.

Foreword by the programme curator: A walk in a lightly haunted forest in which the pulsation of life has taken on an almost physical form.