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Directed by: Olivier Pairoux
BE 202097' fr

Eleven-year-old Jim is mesmerised by the universe and fascinated by the possibilities that science opens up. To put it plainly, he is more interested in space than what goes on around him on Earth. Jim and his dad, who is a talented astrophysicist, move to a new city. In an effort to prove himself, Jim enters the school science competition with his new classmate Emma. He sees this as an opportunity to replicate the feat that Joseph Kittinger once performed: to jump into the stratosphere from a helium balloon. Jim is brave and determined for his name to go down in history.  

 This children’s film is set in the 1980s, like the TV series Stranger Things, and makes witty references to Steven Spielberg’s classic adventure films. At the same time, it is experienced commercial director Olivier Pairoux’s tribute to the American Colonel, Kittinger and to the series of parachute jumps he made from a height of 31 kilometres. Kittinger is remembered as the first man to execute the highest free fall from the “edge of space”.

16 October, 13:30

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