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My Different Ways

Noget om Emma
Directed by: Mads Mengel
DK 202075' da

Vitus is 27 years old. He works in a café, gifts his father a drone for his birthday, is best friends with his cousin, and is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend Sara. He apparently has everything, but he is convinced that he has nothing. He soon finds out that Sara is pregnant. Floating through the murky twilight and self-centredness of a twentysomething, he meets Emma at a party. Dressed in a lobster costume and drunk, she seduces Vitus: this sparkling creature is everything Vitus is not. 

This Nordic-humour-filled multi-series dramedy and existential farce by Mads Mengel has been shot from the point of view of Vitus, who is confused by social statuses and responsibilities. Meanwhile, Emma is the “manic pixie dream girl” stock character type of films and popular media. Vitus thinks he is ready for her even though, as he proves over and over again, he is not really ready for anything. Emma, too, keeps a secret under her seemingly fun facade. The multi-series film is based on Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner’s novel “Something About Vitus”. The first three episodes will be screened at RIGA IFF.

17 October, 16:00

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