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Dawn of War

Dawn of War
Directed by: Margus Paju
EE/LV/FI/LT 2020100' lv/ru/de/fr

The summer months of 1939 pass teetering on the edge of war. The head of Estonia’s Counter-Soviet Intelligence Unit is assassinated as Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Third Reich strike a deal. The unit is rife with suspicions of a traitor among their own agents. As the political and military entanglements grow thicker, former spy Feliks Kangur is asked to uncover the Soviet double agent. Poland is invaded and Feliks goes on the hunt for the “mole”. Soon, he makes a startling discovery that will change the course of history. 

In the film’s opening credits, the timeline of the Second World War plays in reverse, while the relationships between the film’s fictional characters play out against a historical backdrop. This period spy thriller is Estonian director Margus Paju’s second feature and takes us back to a Europe that is redrawn by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in the very first scenes. These rearrangements behind the scenes are depicted using film noir devices and nostalgic inlays of history and melodrama. The film has received international acclaim and features Latvian actors, including Agnese Budovska and Kaspars Znotiņš.

23 October, 16:30

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