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Inspirational lectures and Magnetic Latvia Hackathon

Virtual reality is a fascinating and rapidly growing audiovisual medium that expands the possibilities and boundaries of cinematic language. Content is indeed king (as once said founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates) and it is no less than a film festival’s mission to foster and advance new approaches to VR storytelling that employ this language. To fulfil it, Riga International Film festival is teaming up with interactive production house Story Hub in order to host RIGA IFF GOES VR – regionally unique space for dialogue and co-operation among VR and film professionals as well as other members of creative industries with different fields of expertise; for virtual reality is not just a technology but also a new way of film, art form, information transmitter, entertainment platform and a valuable education tool.

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RIGA IFF GOES VR will be exploring various aspects of VR – such as UX and ethics – in a set of inspiring lectures by various European and American experts. To prove VR as an impactful medium, capable of bringing valuable ideas, the festival will be hosting a 24h hackathon, where the participant teams will work on creation of educational VR content for kids and youth. Bring your own idea, or take on some of the tasks, formulated by the local community – NGOs, cultural organisations and educational initiatives. The teams will get to showcase their made product prototypes in a public presentation to potential investors, eager audiences and an international jury, who will award the best project.