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Student Job Market

A student job market will take place for the first time during the Baltic Animation Meet-Up.

Students meet producers to present their portfolios and producers share their upcoming projects that could use an extra pair of hands. The Student Job Market provides a very straightforward way to incorporate new talent into the animation industry and expand the job market. 

This is also the chance for recently graduated students to pitch their ideas and themselves to producers in an attempt to start up new collaborations. 

As the event is for all three Baltic countries, students have the opportunity to try their luck internationally. Furthermore this is a first step towards potential co-production projects between countries. Students, meet the main players in the industry and secure your work experience! Producers, take the opportunity to see your future colleagues face to face!

If you have any questions, please contact Project Manager Lauma Kaudzīte ( 

Entry upon registration. Deadline for applications: 6 September 2020, 23:59.


Biruta Elīza Kirmuška
Executive producer at Animācijas Brigāde

ANIMĀCIJAS BRIGĀDE is a stop motion puppet animation film studio, producing puppet films, puppet film series and commercials. Working in classic stop motion technique. Studio is based in Riga, Latvia. Studio was founded in 1966. by a puppet film and theatre director Arnolds Burovs and since then the studio has produced more than 100 puppet animation films, made by different film directors.

Justė Michilenaitė
Producer, President of Lithuanian Animation Association

ARTBOX is a film production house and service company that has been operating in the Baltic States since 2003. To be open-minded and committed, youthful and responsible and always have fun. This is their attitude and approach on every project.

Antanas Skucas
Director, Animator

Tylus kinas was established in 2015. In 2018 they produced their first animated short film Mushroom Battle. Now they are working on the film Purga. Other projects include VR, AR and short educational films.

Kristel Tõldsepp
Managing Director, Producer

A FILM ESTONIA is an animation studio in Tallinn, Estonia, established in 1994. As a production house they produce hand-drawn and computer animation for feature-length movies, broadcast TV, educational productions and commercials.

Dovydas Vilkelis
Managing Producer at Animatrix

ANIMATRIX is a studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania (54.678896, 25.277503 to be exact), where everyone walks in their slippers, are wacky – in a good way – and ignited about their work. Usually they sit alone surrounded by children during the new animation premiere in the cinema and read comics before going to sleep.

Gints Zilbalodis
Animator, Director

Gints Zilbalodis is a Latvian filmmaker and animator. His debut feature film Away, which he made entirely by himself, won the main prize at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and has been selected by over 70 festivals. Prior to Away Zilbalodis made 7 short films in various mediums, including hand-drawn animation, 3D animation and live-action,often mixing aesthetics. He is currently working on his second animated feature, Flow.