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‘Winter Brothers’

The NORDIC HIGHLIGHTS programme of the RIGA IFF is proud to present ‘Winter Brothers’ –  the feature debut film of the talented Icelandic visual artist and director Hlynur Palmason.   

A story about the endless winters of family ties. A desolate limestone mining community of men with craggy faces resides in a remote Danish village. The darkness of the mines and human nature flows into the landscape covered in an indistinguishable mixture of white dust and snow. Two brothers live and work there – Johan is a handsome, hardworking and easygoing young man, but Emil is an awkward, thievish brewer of a suspicious hooch and a self-absorbed dreamer. There is just one woman in this world of relentless industrial sounds…

The Hlynur Palmason’s impressive, aesthetically idiosyncratic debut feature is awarded in many international film festivals, including the Locarno International Film Festival.