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What is a music video? We ask this question every year, and every year we discover something we never thought of before. The basic gist of the answer does not change, however: a music video is an audiovisual event that must be experienced together. Sometimes it’s like an arena for bold experiments; at other times it reaches new technological summits, redefining the possibilities of the genre. And then there are videos that, although they use an already familiar audiovisual language, manage to say something utterly unexpected. We are interested in getting to know this always new and changing playing field where image and music interact according to laws unique to them.

The BALTIC MUSIC VIDEO Competition screening welcomes viewers, festival guests, filmmakers and musicians to come together and experience music videos in all their glory and craziness. A screening event you are sure to remember!

The BALTIC MUSIC VIDEO Competition (BMV) endeavors to uphold the belief that the music video is an independent and powerful short format in its own right. RIGA IFF curators look for videos that challenge the audience and push the boundaries of accepted formats, contents, and artistic expression.

The screening of this programme is designed as a special event in itself – it is a lively meeting between music video creators, musicians and composers, curators, the members of the international jury, and the audience.


BMV seeks videos that are daring, innovative and experimental. Submissions must have been produced in either Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania (the origins of the music is not a selection criterion). Only official music videos are accepted. There are no length restrictions. Videos must have been completed after June 2020. Both the creative team and the musicians featured in the selected videos are invited to attend the festival. RIGA IFF especially welcomes submissions that have not yet had their world premiere.


The award – “Silver Grass Snake” (a silver pin featuring the Latvian symbol for the grass snake) – is presented to the winner of the competition during the RIGA IFF Award Ceremony, which takes place on the second Saturday of the festival. The international jury consists of five people – a music video creator, a music video curator from an international film festival, a musician, a music journalist, and a professional music event manager. Competition participants may attend the jury’s official screening as an additional opportunity at which to exchange thoughts and opinions.


The call for submissions opens on 17 March 2021 and closes on 1 August 2021. The results will be announced by 10 September 2021.