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Director: Christian Petzold
DE, FR 2018101 min. 0 sec.
The transit city Marseille as an eternal road to nowhere, as a place where the loops of time bring in despair and hopelessness that erode the people’s destinies. A refugee gets hold of the legacy of a writer who has committed suicide – a manuscript, some letters from his wife and the Mexican Embassy’s assurance of a visa. It seems just reasonable to assume the deceased person’s identity… It’s a Kafkaesque Casablanca.   The director reveals that the narrator’s voice-over could belong to a bartender – the only observer of history who is ready to listen to the stories of those unwanted and forced to flee. This is the third part of Christian Petzold’s trilogy Love in Times of Oppressive Systems. The previous parts are the highly acclaimed Barbara (2012) and Phoenix (2014).

Original language: de, frSubtitles: lv, ruTranslation in headphones: en