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The Bride Wore Red

Director: Dorothy Arzner
US 1937103 min. 0 sec.
Anni, played by Joan Crawford, who is a singer in a Budapest dive, gets mistaken for a socialite thanks to a practical joke perpetrated by the cynical Count Armalia. Though confused about her new favored status, Anni fancies the new clothes and the new rich new relations, including handsome Rudi, who falls in love with her. Dorothy Arzner is the only woman director during the "Golden Age" of Hollywood’s studio system and the woman director with the largest oeuvre in Hollywood to this day. Her films feature well-developed female characters, thus she was known at the time of her work, as a director of "women's pictures", and her work is also noted for showcasing the ambiguities of life.
DOP: George J. Folsey
Original language: enTranslation in headphones: lv