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Beware of Children

Directed by: Dag Johan Haugerud
NO/SE 2019157' no

Along with the gusts of autumn, turmoil blusters into a school on the outskirts of Oslo. The 13-year-old daughter of a prominent Labour party member and left-wing newspaper journalist fatally injures her smart and sporty classmate by hitting him with her bag. The boy’s father is a high profile right-wing politician for whom ‘even the most determined feminists fall for’, including the school’s principal. The principal’s gay brother, a Norwegian language teacher, did not notice the quarrel between the two children as he was engaged by a new student teacher at the moment. Everyone feels what they feel. Another question is how not to make everything worse with one’s words and actions… because life goes on.

Firmly and daringly, but without moralizing, the director focuses on how social class and political views affect language and behaviour. How people perceive and misunderstand each other. How schools need to balance the conflicting interests of children, parents and ideologists.

Foreword by the programme curator: The illusion of peace and order is one of the strongest and most deceptive.