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Push This Button if You Begin to Panic

Push This Button if You Begin to Panic
Directed by: Gabriel Böhmer
GB 202011' en

Bartholomew Whisper went to the doctor today. There he met administrators keen on experimental surgery, and lonely MRI machines. At least the growing hole in his head was becoming quite beautiful.

EFA Short Film Candidate

Jury statement: Managing to challenge our preconceived notions of reality and deconstructing the world as we know it through cinema is a hard feat to pull off, but this film succeeds admirably. Here we get into someone’s head, quite literally. Add in a touch of wit and dry humor and we end up getting lost in a mesmerizing, as good as Kafkaesque labyrinth. Gravity becomes questionable, perspective becomes debatable, to end with that famous last word, beautiful. Sums it all up perfectly.